Social Media Is Poison and You Should Detox Immediately

Social Media Is Poison

Social Media Is PoisonSocial media is poison and even if your exposure to it is minimal, it’s still doing you more harm than good. Don’t believe me? Then read on.

Most people you know probably swear by social media’s ability to keep people connected. But in reality…

Social Media DISconnects You From People

Walk down a city sidewalk. How many people do you see staring at their phones? Sit in a restaurant. How many people are typing away instead of talking? Perhaps you’ve been too fixated on your own phone or tablet to take notice.

Depending on your own level of addiction to social media, you may or may not have noticed that western society is breaking down. Language and communication are being destroyed. Horrific grammar and spelling aside, social media doesn’t exactly provide a platform for expressing one’s self fully.

Instead, it allows for short bursts of emotion without vocal tone and context. This creates a cesspool of miscommunication often resulting in relationships being destroyed over religion, race, politics, and everything in-between.

If miscommunication weren’t bad enough…

Social Media Prevents Mind-Expansion

Social Media allows us to surround ourselves with mass quantities of people who share our own beliefs, and to easily remove those who disagree with us with a click of a button.

When we express constantly voice our opinions in this virtual echo-chamber, our own beliefs are continuously reinforced, and exposure to outside ideas becomes progressively more difficult. And depending on our emotional maturity level, we often answer those differing opinions with anger or forced isolation.

Social Media Is Often a Toxic Environment

The relative anonymity of social media means that we can unleash our venom at someone with another idea in a way that we would never do were we conversing face-to-face. In many ways, social media (including comments sections) has become a virtual sewer – siphoning off humanity’s most vile thoughts and emotions.

Sometimes the negativity isn’t even intentional. Without the luxury of vocal tone, body language, and even facial expression, our short blurbs are often taken out of context. But even if you’re not using social media to vent your frustrations…

Social Media Can Transform Real Relationships Into Superficial Ones

Yes, it’s great to have immediate contact to our actual friends and family members. But many times, we choose to click ‘like’ instead of making a phone-call, we choose to hit ‘share’ instead of having an actual conversation, and we choose to type ‘amen’ instead of getting out there and making a real difference in the world.

And let’s face it – every moment we spend scrolling through our social media feeds is a moment we could be spending with the people next to us. And if all of this weren’t bad enough…

Social Media Creates Feelings of Inadequacies

Whether we realize it or not, we often use social media to project the reality we want others to believe. Thus, we only see the best part of other people’s lives. Rarely do we see the arguing, the dirt and clutter, or the deep emotional pain people are truly going through.

This leaves us wondering if we’re the only ones whose lives are less than perfect. We can get fixated on our perceived inadequacies.

Social Media Eats Hours of Your Life

Social Media is designed to be addictive. Whether you’re scanning for controversial news articles, sports banter, or cool craft ideas – scrolling through facebook, twitter, pinterest, and the like, triggers the release of endorphins. Every time your eyes land on something interesting, pleasure centers in your brain light up like a pinball machine.

While this might seem like good fun, it’s actually very addictive and it’s why you end up scrolling through meaningless nonsense for minutes, hours, days, and perhaps when it’s all said and done… even years of your life.

The seriousness of social media addiction cannot be overstated. For some people, it’s next to impossible to put their phone or tablet away and go to sleep at night. Sleep is the foundation for physical rejuvenation and healing.

For some people, the addiction is so bad that they are overwhelmed with anxiety and depression when unable to access their social media accounts. Make no mistake – this is chemical dependency.

Social Media Is Literally Poison and You Should Detox Immediately

Unless you’re a pinnacle of self-worth and independence, chances are social media is doing you much more harm than good. While modern life has made it next to impossible to cut it out of our lives altogether, the less exposure you have to it the better your life and relationships will be.

Things you can do instead of scrolling through social media posts: sleeping, listening to the sounds of nature, learning a language, going for a walk, getting some fresh air and sunshine, having an actual conversation with another living person, petting your dog or cat, cooking and eating some real food, reading an actual book with paper and ink, dancing, cleaning your house, watching a classic film, coloring a picture, doing a puzzle, making eye-contact with other human beings, speaking to your family members and children, and literally anything else at all.

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2 thoughts on “Social Media Is Poison and You Should Detox Immediately

  1. Hi, Thomas! I appreciate the irony of having sent the article out digitally. Honestly, I expect few people who come across it to even read it. But even if all one reads is the title, it might at least plant the seed that social media might be doing more harm than good. Have an awesome day – Abbey 🙂

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