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How To Read Auras: Part 2 – Three Ways to Read Auras

Ways to Read Auras

Ways to Read AurasHow To Read Auras: Part 2 – Three Ways to Read Auras

Now that we have a good understanding of what the aura is, we can jump right into the fun part of trying to see them. Although the methods listed here are the most common, it’s important to note that not everyone, including psychics, can do all of them easily.

You’ll definitely want to try each method to see which comes the most easily to you, and make it your focus. Then, once you feel you’ve gained some proficiency, work on the other techniques.

Without further ado…

Read Auras With Your Eyes

Believe it or not, most psychics who read auras do so without physically seeing a person’s energy field with their eyes. You can get a very detailed picture of someone’s aura simply by engaging your psychic perception – which I will tell you how to do in just a moment. But if you want to read auras with your physical eyesight, then read on.

The first thing you’ll need is a dark background. You can use any dark surface or piece of cloth, but if you have the option, choose something black because you’re much less likely to confuse the aura color with a colored background.

Next, you’ll either want to have someone stand in front of your background or hold your own hand or arm in front of it.

To see the aura, you’ll want to look at least 2-4 inches outward from the body. You might not see a color, but what you will most likely see is the faint, blurry outline – the aura.

If you’re having a hard time, try moving your hand or having the person move a bit. Another trick is not to try to look directly at the aura, but rather with your peripheral vision… at least at first. Once you get an idea of what you’re looking for, you won’t be able to unsee it.

It’s kind of like looking at one of those magic-eye pictures. You see it by looking past it or through it.

If you see the fuzzy outline of something – you’re seeing an aura. If you don’t feel confident in the ability, a little bit of daily practice goes a long way. But if that doesn’t work, it’s far easier and much more useful to…

Read Auras With Your Third-Eye

Reading auras with your third-eye is no different from engaging any of your other psychic abilities. You simply need to direct your conscious mind to it.

Reading auras and chakras is one of my specialties, and the way I do it is pretty simple.

I normally just take a deep breath (or a few, depending on my current level of focus), close my yes, and say the name of the person whose aura I want to see. I then just allow the image of the person’s aura to come into my mind.

Most of the time, I don’t actually see the person – just a black outline of a person with vibrant colors emanating from it. I will often see the chakras a balls of light as well as the predominant aura color.

aura generated by the chakras

Of course, every psychic is different, and you’ll most likely see something unique to you. If you’re the sort of person who has a difficult time holding images in your mind, you can also try to…

Read Auras With Your Hands

Auras don’t just look a certain way – they also feel a certain way.

Almost everyone can feel the metaphysical energy of another person without much effort. This is called clairsentience, and it’s an innate ability we often forget to make use of in our modern lives.

While you might not be able to see a color, you can try to feel someone’s aura by either standing next to them, or holding your hand about 6 inches away from their physical body.

When doing so, ask yourself what you feel: temperatures, pressures, emotions, et cetera.

This method comes easily for most. The tricky part is interpreting the information you get. A good rule of thumb is to simply allow your intuition to tell you what it means.

If you don’t see colors in your mind’s eye when first trying this method, chances are that with a bit of practice, you will!

If you’re having trouble with these techniques or you’d like to hone some of your other psychic abilities, I’m happy to schedule some one-on-one training. Contact me to set up your personal psychic development class.

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