How to Read Auras: Part 1 – Understanding Auras

How To Read Auras
understanding auras
Abbey’s 2010 Aura Pic

Reading auras is ridiculously easy to do I’m going to walk you through a few different methods in part 2 of this article. But before I do that, I’d like to talk about what auras are, what each color means, and how your energy field can change over time.

Understanding Auras

Every living thing has an aura. In some cases, even inanimate objects can project auric fields, although they aren’t nearly as strong as those created by living beings.

The aura is generated by the chakras, the metaphysical energy centers located throughout the body. The colors of the aura are indicative of the current mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual state of an individual. They also illustrate the resonant frequency of one’s predominant chakras.

Understanding Aura Colors

For an in-depth description of what each color means check out this article. If you’re pressed for time, here is a brief summary of what each aura color most likely indicates:


Auras Evolve Over Time

While each person will have a dominant aura color, the aura is more often than not a mixture of colors which signify the energetic frequencies influencing the individual’s life. One’s aura will almost certainly change over time as the body develops and the mind and heart mature.

New babies are little balls of white light. Once a child begins to walk the Root Chakra energy kicks in, resulting in auras with quite a lot of red. Puberty results in intense oranges, while young adults often show up yellow. Parental/nurturing energy starts the greens, which often runs until the kids leave home. Retirement and empty nests usually result in a blue aura. The shift into the purple and white auras can come at any time but will almost always be present in the elderly.

The following are some of my auric mug-shots over the years, with some brief explanations of what they meant. Notice the steady evolution of the aura over time.

How to Read Auras

1999: I had just graduated high school, moved out of state, and started my new job as a professional psychic. All of that domestic and career instability caused the red ball of light on the bottom left, while my intense desire to get a handle on my new life (stress) resulted in the blaring yellows. There was certainly some orange floating around the edges (not uncommon for a teenager), and a bit of green hovering around my heart – a buildup of healing/teaching energy which was just beginning to manifest in my life.

2008: After suffering for many years with crippling agoraphobia (fear of leaving one’s house), I was just beginning to re-venture out into society. My anxiety was so bad that I finally caved and went on anxiety medication for a year. The resulting aura photo depicts a relatively faint green aura with a thick band of blue (the chemically induced peacefulness) above me, both of which were the direct result of the medication I was taking.

2010: Having kicked my anxiety issues, my aura was back to full intensity and clearly illustrates the mad-teaching tear I was on that year, although I was by no means anxiety-free (yellow ball on the left).

2012: At this time in my life, I was by far the happiest I had ever been. Without all that anxiety (and a ton of relationship drama) to block my spiritual centers, I was living in a sort of mystical euphoria (purple/white) without drama (the blue band overhead), and only a smidgen of health issues that needed tackling (the light green ball near my throat).

Obviously, these pictures were taken using Kirlian Photography, but you don’t need buy aura imaging equipment to see and read auras. In Part 2, I’ll outline three of the easiest techniques to build your aura reading skills, so stay tuned!

Your aura isn’t just a life-size mood-ring – it also says a lot about your health as well as your societal and spiritual purpose. It just so happens that reading auras and the chakras which generate them is one of my specialties. Check out my Chakra Readings to see if one may be right for you.

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