Christianity is a broad term to describe the religion based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, as outlined in the New Testament. Although there are many sects within Christianity, common beliefs shared by all Christians include: a belief that Jesus Christ is both the son of God, and God himself, that he died and was resurrected, and that he will return a final time to judge the souls of the living and dead.

Specific beliefs vary within Christian sects, as do ritual requirements. The re-birthing ritual of Baptism is deemed of highest importance, although many argue that it is ultimately unnecessary – that simply acknowledging Jesus Christ’s divinity is enough to grant one entry into the faith.

Along with the New Testament, great importance is placed on the Ten Commandments; a list of instructions believed to have been given to Moses on Mount Sinai, by God. Interpretation of these commandments also varies within Christianity.

Variations in the translations and interpretations of biblical texts have resulted in differences, not only between denominations, but between individual churches. However, most Christians can agree on the importance of striving to live and act as Jesus Christ did: with love and compassion for mankind.

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