Abbeygale Quinn Michigan Psychic Medium Sidereal AstrologerMichigan Psychic Medium and Sidereal Astrologer Abbeygale Quinn

Welcome! I’m Abbeygale Quinn, the Michigan Psychic Medium and Sidereal Astrologer.

For over 19 years, I have been helping people from around the world connect to Spirit through psychic medium readings, astrology readings, paranormal investigation, and psychic development classes.

For as long as I can remember, I have been able to communicate with the spirit world. I have also been gifted with the ability to see and feel metaphysical energy, including those of chakras, auras, and astrological influences. I wholeheartedly believe I’ve been gifted with these abilities for the purpose of helping others.

Whether you are looking for practical direction or answers from the other side, I can help. Contact me, the Michigan Psychic Medium and Sidereal Astrologer for an honest, accurate, and in-depth reading.

My Psychic Medium Readings

I receive all of my psychic information directly from your spirit guides, which including angels, totem spirits, and loved-ones who have crossed over. I connect to your guides through names. It doesn’t matter if it’s your name or the name of someone you know, living or passed – I can read them.

Your spirit guides know you better than you know yourself. My job is simply to pass their information along to you. They also paint me a very beautiful picture of your spirit and energy field.

This combined energetic and spiritual knowledge provides for an extremely in-depth and unique psychic reading, which can quite literally change the direction of your life.

Psychic readings can help you connect to your higher guidance and your higher self. Click here to learn more about the psychic readings I offer.

My Sidereal Astrology Readings and Reports

My work with Spirit has led me to believe that there is a divine timing to the events in our lives.

Astrology is the science of this divine timing. When used correctly, it can be an invaluable tool for helping us understand the past, present, and future.

I use the Sidereal Zodiac and the Whole-Sign House System to cast all of my charts – the original astrological methods used in ancient Mesopotamia where astrology originated.

While I am able to feel astrological influences in my psychic readings, I do not employ intuitive methods in my astrological work. Click here to learn more about the astrology readings and reports I offer.

“Abbey is amazing! Her readings have always been accurate and sometimes I am in awe over the thing she tells me. What I like best is that she is honest about the information she receives. She does not sugarcoat it. And essentially that is why I consult with her, for the truth. I would highly recommend Abbey to anyone who is looking for insight and guidance in their life.” – (Privacy Protected), USA

“I have been working with Abbey for a couple of years now and have learned so much about myself through her communications. She knows things that others in my life do not know and she doesn’t know any of the physical people I know. I have recently started getting her monthly astrological forecast and have found¬†them to be “dead on”. She has a deep knowledge of many things and is truly gifted.” – (Privacy Protected), USA

“The first time I had a reading with Abbey, it was like talking to an old friend. I couldn’t believe how down to earth she was. One of the coolest things about her is that she doesn’t think she has special abilities which is crazy to me. I’ve had readings with other psychics before and since I met her but none of them even compare. If you want someone to give it to you straight you’ve come to the right place.” – (Privacy Protected), Canada